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Nepali Online Transliteration

About our Nepali Online Transliteration Tool

The aspiration to type in Nepali? But don’t know how to type in Nepali. Don’t worry, we have come up with a tool naming "Nepali Online Transliteration Tool" to make it easy for you all to type in Nepali. It provides fast and accurate typing - making it easy to type the Nepali language anywhere on the Web. Here you can write in English and it will automatically get converted or transliterated into Nepali Language. Nepali is an Indo – Aryan Language sub-branch of Eastern Pahari. Nepali is Official Language of Nepal and also one of the 22 Official languages of India with approximately 16 million native speakers worldwide.

Our Nepali Online Transliteration is really simple and easy to use as you don't need to remember complex Nepali keyboard layout or practice Nepali typing for days and days to be able to type fluently in Nepali.

How to use Nepali Online Transliteration Tool?

As you begin typing the English to Nepali Converter Tool will convert your character simultaneously. It gives you suggestion words also so you could select best fit word. It's very simple and fastest way to type in Nepali. You could select any of word from suggestion word list and also you can select English word also to insert that one. It's combo tool can type in both Nepali and English simultaneously in same document without changing language.

How to download typed text?

You can download your Nepali typed text by just click on Save Text as File and Save Text as Document button. Save as Text will save your text in simple notepad file. Make sure to keep downloaded file in "UTF-8" encoding any time you edit that file. You can also download text in MS Word format.

How to copy typed text?

To copy text just click on copy button and paste it anywhere you want. The English to Nepali Converter gives you resultant text in Unicode Nepali font, which can used anywhere on web.

You can copy the translated text and then share them either on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or email it to your friends or family.

If you have any suggestions, and the translated sentence is way too funny then please share with us on our Facebook page. Finally, don't forget to give us a like and share it on Facebook with your loved one.

About Nepali Language

In English language there are vowels and consonants. Likewise, in Nepali also there are vowels and consonants. The difference is that in Nepali all the vowels appear in the beginning and the consonants form another group. There are 12 vowels and 36 consonants characters in Nepali alphabet.

Nepali Vowels

In Nepali they are also know as 'Swar (स्वरों) '. There are two types of vowels. The first one is an independent vowel, which is used at the beginning of a syllable. The second one is dependent vowel, which is used when the vowel follows a consonant.

Independent Vowels:

अ [a], आ [aa], इ [e], ई [i], उ [u], ऊ [oo], ए [a], ऐ [ae], ओ [o], औ [ao], अं [am], अः [a:], ऋ [ri], ॠ [rr]

Dependent Vowels:

ा [aa], ि [i], ी [ii], ु [u], ू [uu], ृ [r], ॄ [rr], ॅ [e], ॆ [e], े [e], ै [ai], ॉ [o], ॊ [o], ो [o], ौ [au]

Nepali Consonants

In Nepali, they are called 'vyanjan (व्यंजन) '. They are normally considered to have a basic form which consists of a consonant pronounced with an inherent 'a' sound. The table below shows 36 consonant letters and their pronunciation.

क [k], ख [kha], ग [g], घ [gha], ङ [nga], च [ca], छ [chha], ज [ja], झ [jha], ञ [nya], ट [ta], ठ [thh], ड [da], ढ [dh], ण [n], त [t], थ [tha], द [d], ध [dha], न [na], प [p], फ [fa], ब [b], भ [bha], म [ma], य [y], र [r], ल [la], व [v], श [sha], ष [shha], स [sa], ह [ha], क्ष [kṣa], त्र [tra], ज्ञ [jna]

Nepali Numerals

Nepali numerals are the symbols used to write numbers in the Nepali script. They are used to write decimal numbers, instead of the latin numbers.

० [zero], १ [1], २ [2], ३ [3], ४ [4], ५ [5], ६ [6], ७ [7], ८ [8], ९ [9]

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